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Letters / Sleep deprivation torture (NorthLink’s sleeping pods)

NorthLink managing director Stuart Garrett has obviously never experienced the luxury of the wonderful sleeping pods on an overnight trip (NorthLink boss defends sleeping pods; SN, 14 June 2019).

The enjoyment of that self-closing door banging shut (no matter how careful people are) every time someone goes to the lavatory. The pleasure of people tripping over your feet twice – once going, once coming back – and the whispered apologies that accompany these.

I have never experienced sleep deprivation torture, but the sleeping pods would be a useful practice for that.

I have used the north boats for very nearly fifty years and nothing; absolutely nothing comes close to the sleeping pods for discomfort.

As one who has experienced a bad winter’s night on the famous E Deck on the old, old, old St. Clair, and had a night on the floor of the St. Sunnivaon a millets lilo, I feel I speak with experience. Faced with the choice, I will certainly sleep on the floor in future. I don’t care what passenger survey forms say – I treat them as I do Internet feedback. I have not spoken to a single person who has had anything positive to say about the pods.

My suggestion to Stuart Garrett is this. Try them overnight for yourself, then – bright eyed and bushy tailed – face the Shetland public at a meeting directly after you are off the boat.

John Waters,