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News round-up / Community councillors elected, speakers for Brexit debate, museum welcomes millionth visitor

An archive photo of ballot papers being counted. Photo: SIC

NINE people have been elected to their local community councils after a series of by-elections.

Votes were counted on Friday morning at Lerwick’s Town Hall.

Malcolm Hall was elected to Lerwick Community Council, with the vote having a 20 per cent turnout.

Robert Derek Robertson, Brenda Wilcock and Kenneth John Gifford Williamson were elected to the Northmaven Community Council.  There was a 51 per cent turnout in the area.

Tingwall, Whiteness and Weisdale Community Council welcomed Winston Brown, Dilys Evans, Neil Angus Leask and Angela Sutherland on board after a turnout of 27 per cent.

Hazel Margaret Spence, meanwhile, was elected for Unst Community Council, with 54 per cent of potential voters having their say.

LIBERAL Democrats Alistair Carmichael and Tavish Scott will speak at meeting in Lerwick on Saturday as Shetland discusses a ‘people’s vote’ on Brexit.

Representatives from the Labour Party and the SNP will also speak at the Town Hall event, while members of the Shetland Conservatives and the Greens have been invited.

Members of local trade unions, the local farmers union, fishermen and EU citizens have been invited.

Shetland College principal Willie Shannon will chair the event.

The meeting will kick off at 3pm following a march along Commercial Street, which will start at 2pm.

One of the organisers, Dr Jonathan Wills, said: “I’m encouraged that members of the main political parties in our islands have agreed to appear together on the platform.

“It seems to me that the situation is now so serious that we need to set a local example of parties working together towards and consensus in the local and national interest, whatever the differences on other policies.”

Organisers have reiterated that the march will not be postponed by blustery weather.

SHETLAND Museum and Archives has welcomed its one millionth visitor.

Dr David Malcolm and his grandson Oliver were given a gift voucher, flowers and a celebratory cake when they stepped through the doors on Thursday.

The Lerwick building has been open at Hays Dock since 2007.