By-Election 2019 - Shetland Central / Julie Buchan


My name is Julie Buchan, I was born in Shetland and I have lived in Scalloway since 1979.  I am married and have two grown up children. I love living in Scalloway, even though it has grown since 1979 it’s still a village with a true sense of community.

Central ward as a whole has grown considerably over the past 40 years, welcoming new people in, but each community retaining its own unique identity that can only come from generations of families living and working in their local areas.

I stood in the 2017 election and am standing again because I still feel passionate about this ward and if elected would feel privileged to represent the people of Central.

I believe that being a councillor is a serious undertaking and even though I haven’t had any experience of working for a government body I would certainly make it my business to find out.  I would hope that the elected council are a body of people who, in the main, work together for the betterment of their constituents and the people of Shetland.  I would like to understand what constraints the council might be under from outside forces such as Holyrood, Westminster, or the EU – or even from their own council departments.

Climate change is now at the forefront of politics, and while I do support renewable energy I don’t support the big scale wind farms that will only benefit some company outside Shetland, or foreign investors. Given our small land mass I think that Viking Energy and Mossy Hill are far too big and will have a detrimental effect on Shetland, both environmentally and aesthetically.

We need to look at alternatives such as tidal power; Shetland has good strong tides that do not fluctuate like the wind.  There are also plenty of other smaller projects that could be incorporated in new house builds, like geothermal and solar energy.

What’s happening with the parking charge at Sumburgh airport? If the council can’t directly stop it then I hope they will safeguard the little bit of free land there is.

Internally we need reliable, affordable links within our isles, and tunnels must be considered a preferred option – why keep talking when everyone knows costs will increase – let’s just get on with it, which reminds me of Brexit!

I thought when I stood last time Brexit would be a done deal by now, but as it drags on it just drags us down. Our farmers are still wondering what effect it will have on their livelihoods, while our fishermen could be worse off if we exit without any deal.

I hope 16 – 17 year olds feel engaged enough to make use of their vote – it means that they will have a meaningful say in what they would like to see happening; it is their future.

If elected I would see my primary role to be there to represent and act on behalf of the people of Central.  If you vote me #1 I can promise not to let you down.

Tel: 01595880811
Mob: 07769834403