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SIC appoints new finance chief

The SIC's new finance director Jamie Manson.SIC finance director Jamie Manson.

SHETLAND Islands Council’s new finance manager is swapping a sunny island in the South Atlantic for the more moderate climate of 60 degrees north.

Jamie Manson, who until recently was the director of resources for the Ascension Island government, is expected to take up his new post at the end of the month.

He is replacing Jonathan Belford who is taking on the role of chief officer for finance at Aberdeen City Council after four years working for the SIC.

Council chief executive Maggie Sandison said Manson had experience and skills in the areas that mattered most to Shetland.

“Jamie’s experience makes him a good fit for the role in so many ways, having worked in the UK government in areas which relate to Shetland, and not least in his service to the island community in Ascension,” she said.

During his three years at Ascension, Manson was responsible for a wide range of services including finance, customs, health services, education, the Post Office and human resources.

Prior to that role, he was finance advisor and business manager for the Department for Communities and Local Government, responsible as lead finance business partner for the multi-billion European Regional Development Fund and the Regional Growth Fund.

Manson, who currently lives in the West Midlands, describes himself as approachable and collaborative, setting high standards for himself and his teams.

“I’m very excited about joining Shetland Islands Council. I have, in the past, enjoyed being responsible for a range of services covering many different aspects of finance and policy,” he said.

“This role also gives me the chance to live in another spectacular part of the world – and after three years of almost constant sunshine, I’m looking forward to somewhere with a more moderate climate.”

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