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Loganair to phase out single-use plastic

LOGANAIR is joining a growing number of companies in becoming more environmentally conscious by phasing out single-use plastics in their catering.

Up to now travellers were supplied with a lot of single-use plastic items on board the company’s aircrafts, even when consuming as a little as a drink of water.

Airline boss Jonathan Hinkles said that plastic glasses are being replaced with compostable corn-starch alternatives, while plastic straws and stirrers are being removed.

He said although most customers would not notice the difference, the measure does remove the “largest source of single plastic use on the aircraft”.

Hinkles said the airline was also in the process of replacing the previous plastic cuplets with a selection of drinks in aluminium cans.

These can be recycled after use, although that has not proved to be an easy task given some of the security and safety constraints around planes and airports, Hinkles said.

Meanwhile, an event encouraging people to bring plastic waste back to the supermarket they bought it from so it can be recycled is set to take place in Lerwick next weekend.

The Put Back Plastic event will be held at the town’s Co-op between 2pm and 5pm on Saturday 28 July.

People are invited to bring only Co-op plastic packaging back to the supermarket to be collected and sorted at tables behind the check-outs.

Organiser Marsali Taylor said the event, which has the backing of the store’s manager, has four aims. They are:

  • To draw attention to the amount of plastic packaging
  • To find out what can be recycled
  • To press for recycling facilities for recyclables
  • To press for reduction in non-recyclables.

Fruit and vegetable packaging is something which local campaign No Single Use Plastics – Shetland recently picked as one of its priorities.