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Lifeboat rescues dog

RNLI Aith crewmember Graham Johnston with the rescued dog Blue. Photo: RNLI/Nick McCaffrey

AITH lifeboat and the Hillswick Coastguard volunteers were called out on Saturday evening to assist with the rescue of a cocker spaniel that hade gone over some cliffs just south of Muckle Roe lighthouse.

Once the volunteer crew arrived at the scene, the Y class lifeboat was launched, and with some help from the dog owners, the crew managed to locate the spaniel, called Blue, at the bottom of the cliffs.

As the Y class lifeboat approached the dog, crewmember Graham Johnston was able to reach over and recover Blue into the lifeboat.

They then headed to a nearby beach where his owners and the Hillswick Coastguard team were waiting to get Blue onto dry land.

Volunteer crewmember Nick McCaffrey said: “The dog was lovely and just wanted to rest.”