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Well-kent optician signs go missing on night out in town

Images provided by ICare Shetland.

WHEN a Lerwick optician took down its distinctive signs on Saturday and left them in a lane beside its shop, it didn’t quite expect to discover the next day that one had visited a house party and the other ended up about a mile away at Grantfield.

But that was the fate of two large C. Kelly Opticians signs which sparked a hunt on Sunday morning after staff found them mysteriously missing.

The brown signs, which have have been a regular sight on Commercial Street for over 25 years, were taken down as part of a rebrand to ICare Shetland.

Director Andrew Foyle posted on the company’s Facebook page on Sunday morning to ask where the signs had gone to – but he was somewhat surprised when he learned of their travels.

The story of the signs’ night on the town started to become clearer after he was sent pictures from social media of the boards alongside revellers at the Market Cross, as well as in the living room of a house party.

Thankfully, the signs turned up later on Sunday unharmed and the opticians posted about their escapades in good humour on social media, becoming something of a local viral hit.

“I posted a message on Facebook in the morning and had a couple of responses with some of pictures and names,” Andrew said.

“I contacted the people on Facebook and either got other names or got directly in touch with the people who had moved the signs.

“They were all very apologetic and helpful. One guy and his girlfriend took the larger sign back in the afternoon.

“The guys who moved the long sign told us where to find it and offered to bring it back last night. We just went and picked it up directly though as was easier.”