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Gas plant shuts down with blow-out

A massive fire ball is being emitted from the flare stack of Shetland Gas Plant. Photo: Mark BerryA photo of Shetland Gas Plant closing down for maintenance with a spectacular 'blow-down' fire ball, in May 2018. Photo: Mark Berry.

SHETLAND Gas Plant has closed down for routine maintenance with a spectacular ‘blow-down’, which was widely visible and audible throughout the north mainland on Thursday.

Operator Total had put notices in local shops alerting residents in the Delting, Northmavine and Yell areas that the flare would increase significantly for a short time as the remaining gas was flared off.

A spokesman for the company said the three-week shutdown was part of a routine programme that would have to be repeated every couple of years.

Residents said the noise of the flames could be heard in neighbouring villages.