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Latest comedy night

Improv troupe The Imposters will again feature in Shetland Comedy's latest show.

SHETLAND’s latest improvised comedy night will be held next week – but it will come with a twist.

Anyone who has attended Shetland Comedy’s improv workshops or classes will able to join the main Imposters group on stage.

The event, entitled Thunderball, will take place at the Sound Hall in Lerwick on Friday 14 July.

The first half of the the night will see those who have attended improv workshops and are keen to take part entered into a raffle, which will decide who will get to have a go on stage.

The second half will see the Imposters – Thomas Jones, Ashlea Tulloch, Alex Garrick-Wright, Les Sinclair, Matthew Simpson and Marjolein Robertson – perform their Whose Line Is It Anyway inspired improv comedy.

Doors will open at 7.30pm for an 8pm start and while entry is free, donations are welcomed.