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Research next September

The new-look Research.

NORWEGIAN naval architects Skipsteknisk As of Aalesund have released the first image of the new Research (LK62), due to be delivered to its owners in Whalsay in September next year.

The pelagic trawler, estimated to cost around £34 million (350 million Norwegian kroner), will be built at the Vard Langsten shipyard in the More og Romsdal district.

This is the third vessel Skipsteknisk has designed for the Research Fishing Company; the first was built in 1997 and the second in 2003.

At an overall length of 80 metres, the vessel will be equipped with the latest technology including electronically powered winches and the world’s first electronically operated fish pump, the shipyard said.

The main engine is based on common rail technology ensuring the lowest possible fuel consumption and lower emissions than before.

A cooling system for fish and associated pumping systems are arranged for rapid and efficient cooling and smooth handling of fish, ensuring premium product quality and with minimum damage to the product.

The ship is also equipped with a super-modern Vard SEAQ bridge solution based on the “big screen” principle and fully integrated monitoring, alarm and automation systems for the ship.

The current Research, which was lengthened to 78.5 metres in 2014, has been sold to new owners in Faroe and renamed Borgarin.