Clown at Cunningsburgh

POLICE are appealing for information about an individual wearing a clown outfit who jumped out of the back of a pick-up and chased members of the public in Cunningsburgh on Saturday afternoon.

Officers said the incident occurred at the Blett Junction at Cunningsburgh at around 12.15pm.

The black pickup-style vehicle, with an open back, was travelling south when the person jumped out and chased people. The clown mask he or she was wearing is described as having orange afro-style hair and big red lips.

Police said they were keen to identify both the driver and the person wearing the clown outfit. 

The phenomenon of dressing up as a clown and trying to frighten people originated in the US and spread to the UK during 2016 – prompting police, parents and school teachers to express concern in the national media in October.

  • Anyone with information is urged to contact police by dialling 101, by calling Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 or by attending Lerwick Police Station.