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The latest on the ferries

Hjaltland leaving Lerwick into a stormy sea - Photo: Neil Riddell/ Shetland News

SERCO NorthLink has now cancelled Friday night’s sailings between Lerwick, Kirkwall and Aberdeen due to the forecast of severe weather hitting the area as of Friday afternoon.

The next scheduled departures after that will be on Boxing Day, however both the northbound and the southbound sailings are currently under review as more gales are expected.

Meanwhile today’s (Thursday) service will operate with some changes to the timetable: the Hjaltland is due to leave Lerwick for Aberdeen at 4pm, three hours earlier than scheduled.

The northbound Hrossey will stick to her timetable and depart from Aberdeen for Kirkwall and Lerwick at 5pm. There may be some minor delays in arriving in Kirkwall and Lerwick.

More info at: www.northlinkferries.co.uk 

For a detailed weather forecast go to www.shetnews.co.uk/weather