Letters / His fury is palpable

I hold no office in Wir Shetland and what follows is a personal view.

I have explained repeatedly, in detail, in previous letters and comments why it is impossible for any pro-Shetland political group to support either the SNP or Shetland membership of the EU. Both the independence and EU referenda are now history and I don’t propose to rerun the complex arguments here. It is over and done.


Sadly, Toby Sandison [‘Callous and uncaring Home Office’, SN 14/7/16] appears unable to accept the will of the people – his fury is palpable – and he seeks to blame Wir Shetland because “supporters” have been rude to people on Facebook. He names no names and provides no evidence and has thus smeared Wir Shetland’s entire 400 membership with the various allegations in his two letters.

He acknowledges Wir Shetland acting chairman Titcomb’s response to his earlier accusations and I invite him to contrast that response with a letter recently published in The Shetland Times by SNP Shetland vice convener Charles Gallagher.


Here’s a snippet: “Over the past two weeks we have all witnessed another ‘mega-shambles’ in ‘Wasteminster’ All those who have brought about the greatest threat to our economy in decades – Farage, Johnson, Gove, Fox, Leadsom and Cameron himself – are all abandoning their “Little England” like rats fleeing a rapidly sinking ship, just as the full effects of their crazy Brexit are starting to bite.

“…abandoning their Little England like rats fleeing a rapidly sinking ship”! 

If this is what comes from the SNP Shetland leadership, it’s little wonder their ‘Yes Shetland’ Facebook page is like what it is like.

Facebook is as Facebook is – comments are often alcohol-fuelled – and I would encourage Mr Sandison to broaden his research base and update us on his new conclusions – with evidence, please.

John Tulloch

Lyndon, Arrochar