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Shannon gets the job

New joint principal of Shetland College and the NAFC Marine Centre, Willie Shannon.

SHETLAND College and the NAFC Marine Centre have appointed Willie Shannon to the role of interim joint principal of the two colleges.

An early start date is being sought following last week’s appointment and Shetland College board chairman Peter Campbell and NAFC board chairman Davie Sandison both welcomed it as a positive development.

Shannon has worked in a variety of public sector organisations, serving as the SIC’s assistant chief executive before moving to Shetland Recreational Trust and latterly the NAFC. He is also an honorary sheriff.

Efforts to merge the two colleges have been long-running and fraught with complications. In February SIC councillors came close to pulling the plug on the merger altogether.

Campbell said Shetland College’s board looked forward to working with Shannon to “promote the development of further and higher education and research within Shetland”.

“In the challenging period ahead close cooperation between Shetland College UHI, Train Shetland and NAFC Marine Centre UHI will be required to achieve the desired outcomes for the tertiary education sector,” Campbell said.

Sandison said the NAFC board was “delighted that we’ve reached this key stage in support of the organisations which deliver all Shetland’s training, further and higher education and research needs”.

“The NAFC Marine Centre looks forward to working with colleagues across the tertiary sector as we progress toward significant collaboration in delivering outcomes to meet Shetland’s future needs in these areas.”