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Striding to school

Living Streets mascot Strider boards the NorthLink ferry in Aberdeen bound for Shetland.

SHETLAND school pupils and their families are ditching their cars this week in favour of a healthier mode of transport.

Walk to School Week, which is organised by charity Living Streets Scotland, encourages schools to get pupils to make their morning journey more active by setting out on foot.

The week’s mascot Strider headed to Shetland during the week on the NorthLink ferry ahead of visiting kids at Lerwick’s Sound and Bells Brae primary schools on Friday morning.

Schools and projects coordinator for Living Streets Scotland Chris Thompson said walking to school instead of taking a car has more than just health benefits.

“This May, we wanted to get the whole of Scotland involved so we’re really glad that Strider has been able to make the journey to Shetland – the furthest journey yet,” he said.

“We’ve been urging families up and down the country to give walking a go during Walk to School Week and the reception has been phenomenal.

“Walking is free, green and easy, and above all it makes you feel great. We need to encourage children to get walking now and set in place healthy habits for life. Hopefully those who have taken part in Walk to School Week will be inspired to keep putting one foot in front of the other.”