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Green candidate visit

Scottish Green MSP John Finnie

THE LEAD candidate for the Scottish Green Party in the highlands and islands visits Shetland on Friday to meet the local decommissioning industry and hold a public meeting in the evening.

John Finnie MSP left the SNP in 2012 along with Jean Urquhart MSP over the party’s decision that an independent Scotland would be part of NATO.

Two years later the former policeman joined the Scottish Greens for whom he has been a vocal member on a wide range of issues, including the seizure of anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd’s inflatable boat from Lerwick harbour last year.

His visit to Shetland hinges around a meeting with the local decommissioning industry, which he believes will play a big part in Scotland’s economic future as the oil industry runs down over the next few decades.

As well as meeting the local industry partners, he will meet representatives of Viking Energy and is keen to hear more about the issues around wind farms and renewables in and around Shetland.

Finnie will be joined on his visit by fellow Green candidate James McKessack Leitch.

Both men will attend an informal public session at Mareel from 7-9pm with members of the Scottish Greens’ Shetland branch to which everyone is invited.

The gathering will be in Mareel’s Green Room, which is upstairs and accessed through the upper café bar.