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Althing to debate Lerwick UHA and gender equality

This year's Lerwick UHA Guizer Jarl Mark Evans. The Althing will ask "whether it's time gender equality reached Lerwick Up Helly Aa". Photo: Shetnews/Hans J. Marter

A WEEK after this year’s South Mainland Up Helly Aa (SMUHA), which last year broke nearly a century of tradition by having a female Guizer Jarl, the Althing debating society is turning its spotlight on “the Lerwick fire festival and its ban on women”.

This month’s Althing debate, to be held on Saturday 19 March, will discuss the motion “It’s time gender equality reached Lerwick Up Helly Aa”. Speaking for the motion will be Helen Robertson and Ryan Taylor, and they will be opposed by Erik Moncrieff and Sandra Summers.

The debate will take place in the Staney Hill Hall and gets underway at 7.30pm.