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North Sea meeting

DELEGATES from four countries will join local representatives at a two day session of the North Sea Commission (NSC) being held at Scalloway’s NAFC Marine Centre next week.

The NSC’s marine resources group, with representatives from Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands and Aberdeenshire, will be focussing on sustainable fisheries and marine planning policy.

Presentations will include topics like marine spatial planning, the new European Union discard ban and maritime skills.

The session will also incorporate a visit to Lerwick fish market and to see the electronic seafood auction in action.

Lerwick South councillor Jonathan Wills, a vice chairman of the group, said he was looking forward to some “productive discussions on important topics for coastal communities around the North Sea and beyond”.

He said: “This meeting is particularly relevant at a time when the introduction of the discard ban has begun.

“Shetland has a wealth of marine experience and knowledge to share, as well as learning from other regions and how they manage their marine resources.

” The NSC is part of the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPMR), which represents 120 regions, including many of the EU member states and beyond.

Scottish Parliament election, 6 May 2021