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Co-op meeting

ANYONE who shops at the Co-op supermarket in Lerwick and has a membership card is invited to a members’ meeting on 23 October at Scalloway’s NAFC Marine Centre.

The meeting will let people have a say in how the business is run, learn what members get up to and how the Co-op can support the Shetland community.

It will link with other meetings throughout the north of Scotland and the islands via a video link, but Co-op representatives will be at the Scalloway meeting too.

Local area committee member Mick Clifton said the Co-operative Group has a strong social agenda and a commitment to supporting local communities.

“Our communities need supporting at this time of austerity and cuts and the Cooperative is ideally placed to help make change happen,” he said.

“From supporting community owned businesses to enabling community groups to access our Community Fund, the Cooperative makes a significant difference to rural and remote communities.”

The meeting starts at 6.30pm and will have free Fair Trade refreshments on offer.