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Bressay ferry blown out

WESTERLY winds gusting up to 70mph across Shetland have disrupted the islands ferry service to the isle of Bressay.

The service across Lerwick harbour operated by the small ferry Leirna was suspended shortly before noon as the combination of high tide and high wind was making it impossible to berth on the island’s ferry terminal.

Shetland Islands Council said they hoped normal service to resume at tea time when the wind is expected to die down.

The disruption comes at a bad time as Bressay celebrates its 50th Up Helly Aa fire festival on Friday, with a steady procession of visitors wanting to reach the isle.

Meanwhile the Bluemull Sound has returned to normal after being reduced to a single ferry on Thursday.

The Geira had only been back from dry dock for one day when a rope snared its propeller. She had to be taken out of service for the day, while divers untangled the rope.