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Council / ‘Will self-determination of Shetlanders be respected by the SNP?’ Rees-Mogg asksThe Conservative MP claims Shetland would be “one of the richest sets of islands almost anywhere in the world were able to have the oil revenues that would accrue to it”
Politics / Boris Johnson responds to letter on Shetland self-determination – and hopes to visit isles this year
News round-up / Funding for seafood businesses, drought hotspot, self-determination questionnaire, GlobalYell festival and Polycrub graduate sought
Opinions / Island self-determination ‘completely normal’Frustrated with the limitations of local government in Scotland since devolution, Shetland Islands Council decided earlier this year to look closely at the options of clawing some back political powers from Edinburgh and thus reviving local democracy. Here, council convener Malcolm Bell sets out the case for self-determination.
Politics / European Charter set to strengthen local government
Council / Shetland starts quest for more powers with online debateCouncil convener Malcolm Bell says local government has become nothing more than a ‘delivery arm of central government’
Letters / Bewildered
Letters / Open letter to Lesley Riddoch
Council / Virtual event to explore self-determination in island contextSpeakers from Faroe and the Isle of Man, as well as Shetland, will take part
Council / SIC makes contact with governments over self-determinationLeader Steven Coutts says the council will undertake ‘extensive research’ on possible future governance models
Council / Leask resigns from senior position over question of self-determination
Council / Self-determination motion a ‘first small step towards a brighter future’
Letters / Follow the money
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