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Letters / Good peatland is vital for carbon capture
Climate / Peatland restoration key to improving Shetland’s horrific carbon footprint
Climate / Wild land charity objects to Yell wind farm plansBut SEPA confirms it has removed it objection ‘in principle’
Climate / Experts warn wind farms should not be built on peatlandsWith governments pledging to accelerate the construction of onshore wind power until 2030 to help meet climate targets, scientists call for an urgent review of the policy of building turbines on peatlands. Jen Stout investigates.
Community / Can pollen in peat paint picture of Neolithic Shetland?
Energy / Environment agency says building Yell wind farm would have ‘negative impact on climate change’Erecting turbines on active blanket bog would be inconsistent with national targets to reduce emissions, SEPA says
Living Lerwick - Spend at da Street - Win with Local Loyalty
Environment / No impact expected on Sandy Loch reservoir from peat store, Scottish Water saysSustainable Shetland chairman says the “effects of the peat dump should be closely monitored”
Letters / Peat propaganda
Energy / ‘Robbing Peter to pay Paul’World leading expert on peatlands says blanket bog is the one habitat wind farms should not be built on
Letters / An admission of powerlessness
Community / Peat casting allowed during lockdown, says government
Election letters 2019 / At odds with the SNP’s own stance on the importance of peat
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