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Climate / Council responds to calls to divest from fossil fuels
Climate / Challenges ahead on the path to sustainable travelClimate Action Shetland hopes for climate conversations across the isles
Climate / Taking the plane turns out to be better for the climateAnalysis of carbon emissions of Shetland’s external transport links comes up with surprising result
Climate / Shetland to participate in Valentine’s Day climate strike
Climate / SIC ‘recognises global climate emergency’The statement comes after a petition was handed to the SIC on Wednesday morning
Climate / 2019 – ‘the year we realised climate change is real’
Election letters 2019 / Council has its hands tied behind its back on climate change
Election letters 2019 / Open letter to SIC: Failure to act on climate change is no longer viable
Opinions / Time for local action to combat climate changeHere in Shetland we have a climate crisis and we need our council to declare a climate emergency, write Anderson High School students Isla Johnson, Laura Bisset and Celestine Verdcourt-Laurenson of Eco Youth Shetland.
Letters / We need climate action and we need it now
Climate / Petition calls on SIC to declare climate emergency
Climate / Council to revise carbon plan targets
Climate / Pupils call on council to take climate action
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