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Also in the news / Jacket ashore, police ask for help, Lerwick hustings tonight and national war graves week

Photo: Jim Mullay

THE HUGE steel jacket of the Ninian Northern oil platform has finally been pulled ashore at Dales Voe ready for decommissioning.

After successfully transferring the 8,500 tonne, 83-metre high structure from the Pioneering Spirit to the barge Iron Lady on Friday, the steel jacket was brought ashore on Sunday.

It will be dismantled and recycled by specialist teams from Peterson/Veolia over coming months.

POLICE in Shetland are appealing for witnesses after political campaign signage was damaged near the Sandwick school and around Brakefield Road (see: ‘Come speak to me rather than damaged my election signs’, says Green candidate. Shetland News, 30 April).

The election campaign signs were damaged between 26 and 29 April.

Anyone who can help police investigate this act of vandalism is asked to contact them on telephone 101 quoting reference number CR/0018518/22

HUSTINGS will be held for the two Lerwick wards tonight (Tuesday) in the Baila room of the Sound Hall.

Voters have a chance to hear from Lerwick South candidates between 6.15pm and 7.15pm, while Lerwick North and Bressay candidates will have the floor for an hour starting at 7.30pm.

TOURS of the Lerwick Cemetery will take place later this month for the national War Graves Week.

During the tour people will learn about the history of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and about the “heroic actions and self-sacrifice of some of our casualties buried in the cemetery”.

People can book tours via this link.