Election 2022 / Emma Macdonald

Shetland North

Name: Emma Louise Macdonald Electoral Ward: Shetland North Description: Independent

Emma Macdonald

Being a councillor has been a such a privilege. I believe if you are going to do something you should do it to the best of your ability and that means giving it your all!

The last five years have been challenging but have also highlighted to me the importance of local government and local decision making. I believe that decisions should be made as close to the people they effect as possible.

As chair of the Integration Joint Board (IJB) the joint board between health and care I have nothing but gratitude for the folk who have and continue to work on the frontline providing essential services in our care settings during the pandemic. I was lucky enough to be able to return to work in a care centre for five months during the pandemic and I saw for myself the difficulties faced and the real dedication our staff show.

Shetland has shown how effective our care services are and how well we work together with our partners. Whatever comes forward from the proposals for a National Care Service it will be crucial that Shetland’s voice is heard and that we can help shape it into something that works for our communities.

I believe that local politics should be a positive place where people work together for the benefit of Shetland, we need to be forward thinking and work collaboratively.

For me the key priorities going forward are to focus on a fairer Shetland with early intervention and prevention at the heart of decision making. To tackle the inequalities faced within our community we must continue to prioritise our resources to ensure we use them effectively.

The proposals for a New School in Brae will be significant in the next council and I would continue to work with the Brae Parent Council and council officers to help shape this project.

To ensure we have sustainable communities we need good quality jobs within them, in the last five years of this council we have invested in key areas such as Toft Pier, Scalloway Fish Market and Lerwick Fish Market. There are many opportunities here in Shetland and we must maximise these to benefit our communities.

The best bit about being a councillor is the ability to make a difference to people in my community. Helping people get positive outcomes to issues is such a rewarding element of the job.

I am aware I can’t fix everything, but you have my word that I will always try, and I will always get back to you if you contact me.

I have loved being a councillor for the past five years and I will ensure I continue to be positive, proactive, and focused on doing the role to the best of my ability.

Contact Information

Email: shetland.emma79@gmail.com
Mobile: 07720647575
Tel: 01806 588341


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