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Letters / Sanctions are not enough, unfortunately

I have a written text from my friend’s daughter who is 18 and in Lviv. She is called Anna Kurylyak and she is the Ukrainian national ballroom dancing champion for 2021. Now she is sewing camouflage nets for the army. Her mother is supporting refugees in her local school and her father is on defence patrol.

She wrote this on Messenger:

Anna Kurylyak

I have been living my best life till 24.02. I was studying in the best university, partying till dawn, visiting gym three times a week, I was even getting ready to start my first internship. 24.02 was literally the worst morning of my life.

Just imagine waking up from your mother’s scream “The war has started”. And that’s how it was. When I opened my Instagram that devilish morning, I was at a loss for words seeing all that nonsense taking place in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Chernihiv and other Ukrainian cities.

Despite the fact that I live in Lviv, the city in the Western Ukraine, which hasn’t been bombed yet by Russia, it is still anxious to hear the sound of air alarm. But the situation in the Central, Eastern and Southern Ukraine is literally terrifying.

The bombs and missiles are falling on the civilian buildings, destroying everything on their way. Now it’s the ninth day of war and I am writing this text from the shelter.

Till now more than 2,000 civilians have been killed by Russian president Putin. He is a true evil – he kills everyone: men, women, children, the elderly.

Right now Putin’s army is bombing Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant – the biggest NPP in Europe. It is a threat not only for my country, but for the whole world.

Do you remember Chornobyl catastrophe in 1986 and its consequences? Thousands of people died from radiation and till now dozens of people have died from cancer all over the Europe.

Zaporizhia NPP is six times bigger than the one in Chornobyl. You can only imagine the scale of consequences in case the radiator there goes off.

I can’t help expressing my huge gratitude to the Ukrainian armed forces, who defend our territory and all Ukrainians from Putin’s mad ambitions. All Ukrainians are grateful to European countries, the USA, Canada and other countries for the sanctions against Russia and for the military help.

But it’s not enough unfortunately. Our enemy still has superiority in the sky. This means that Russia will continue bombing our cities and thousands of civilians will go on dying because of the fear of NATO members.

Stop being scared to be engaged into World War 3 – you have already been and it has already started. CLOSE THE AIRSPACE OVER UKRAINE!

It’s not the question of Ukraine’s survival, it’s the question of the survival of the whole world.Anna Kurylyak

Annalie Irvine