Letters / Time once again to increase vigilance

Hopefully it hasn’t got past people that Shetland is currently running at around 60 new Covid cases per day, and has been for over a week now, with no sign of things slowing down yet.

We’re consistently at least double the incidence of the other two island boards presently.


Even with Omicron’s relatively lower severity, the sheer number of infections is likely to translate through into a spike in Covid admissions to the Gilbert Bain in the next week or two.

Reminder to take ‘sensible precautions’ after Covid hospital admissions

I don’t know what the hospital’s surge capacity is for Covid, but I suspect we may be entering the toughest spell of the pandemic so far for the clinical staff.

Time once again to increase vigilance, I think. I know it’s boring, but it would be a better time than usual to try to avoid ending up in hospital just now, if possible.

Rob Jones