Coronavirus / Five more people test positive for Covid-19

AS THE number of recorded Covid cases in Shetland continues to rise, overall figures for Scotland appear to slowly be coming down.

Five new cases were confirmed in the isles over the last 24 hours, while 799 were recorded across Scotland.

The isles’ overall seven-day infection rate per 100,000 of population has also decreased to 74.3, about half of what is recorded on mainland Scotland.


NHS Shetland’s interim director for public health Dr Susan Laidlaw said the health board continued to see new cases particular amongst people travelling to or returning to Shetland.

“It really helps to prevent spread in the wider community if we can identify cases early through PCR testing folk as soon as they develop symptoms and through people continuing to do LFTs even when they don’t have symptoms, especially if they have been travelling,” she said.

“We can also all help to reduce spread in the community even with the restrictions continuing to ease: keep washing hands, wearing face coverings, distancing from others, taking up the offer of vaccination if you have not already and of course, self-isolating and getting tested if you develop symptoms.”

Dr Laidlaw added that people could apply for a written confirmation of their Covid vaccination status in order to travel abroad by using this link.