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Letters / A matter of deep unfairness

It seems not only the BBC are injecting bias into coverage of the election, by increasingly focusing  – the use of photos says it all – on the two horse race and ignoring the top list candidates.

More coverage is given to an anti-gay marriage constituency candidate given he will get less than 50 votes ( bet anyone), whereas list candidates get 1,000s.

Here is something for all local media to dwell on.

Shetland, through the list ballots, gets more representatives – seven -compared to just one than through ‘the chosen one’ for the constituency.

This is why it should be of equal importance to hear from each list’s top three candidates, as if they were first past the post candidates – not to is both journalistic laziness and political bias.

Not only is the media approach anti-democratic, it in effect disallows voice to many candidates. It is a matter of deep unfairness.

James Paton
Shetland Greens