Coronavirus / Covid patient transferred to Aberdeen

Scottish Government figures show no new Covid cases recorded in Shetland

ONE of the Covid patients in the Gilbert Bain Hospital had to be flown to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary at the weekend, NHS Shetland has confirmed.

On Monday there were four patients in the Gilbert Bain all suffering from respiratory illness as a result of Covid-19.

Director of nursing and acute services Kathleen Carolan confirmed to Shetland News that all patients were in a stable condition with assessment ongoing.

The update comes on a day where for the first time in almost three weeks there were no new Covid cases added to the Shetland tally of 175.

Since 22 December last year Shetland has recorded 98 new cases with the vast majority of these connected to what is now known as the North Mainland cluster.

A further 1,782 cases were confirmed across Scotland on Monday, while the number of people currently in hospital rose to 1,664.

Meanwhile NHS Shetland said it was making progress vaccinating those in the priority one risk group.

The programme will soon be rolled out to those in group two such as all other patient facing health and care staff, ambulance crews and laboratory staff, as well as people aged over 80 and their unpaid carers.

The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine will be offered to all health and care staff while the easier to handle Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine will be administered via GP surgeries.

This rollout got under way on Monday, and those aged 80 years and over will be invited to attend for vaccination by their NHS board or GP practice via letter or by phone.

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