Transport / Public transport from Boxing Day only for essential travel, SIC reiterates

The Bressay shopper bus on the Bressay ferry. Photo: SIC

SHETLAND Islands Council is reminding people that public transport should only be used for essential purposes once level three restrictions kick in on Boxing Day.

Reasons for essential travel include employment, education, healthcare and to provide care or support to a vulnerable person. Essential shopping is also permitted.

Festive timetables are currently in place on inter-island ferries from Thursday 24 December until Wednesday 6 January.

Published timetables for buses and air services will continue to operate for the time being.

The operation of local transport services will continue to be reviewed in line with Scottish Government guidance.

More details on public transport can be found here.

Shetland will be placed under level three restrictions for at least three weeks, as will Orkney and the Western Isles. The rest of Scotland will be level four.

It comes amid concern over a new strain of coronavirus which can be more easily spread.