Council / Westside councillor resigns from planning committee

SHETLAND West councillor Catherine Hughson has resigned from the planning committee, claiming the erosion of decision-making powers was one of the reasons for her decision.

Westside councillor Catherine Hughson. Photo: Shetland News

She also said she felt unable to represent the interests of her constituents properly due to the constraints imposed on members of the planning committee.


“This committee has not met for many months,” she said.

“Other local authorities seem to meet monthly on planning matters but here [in Shetland] there seem to be little councillors have decision-making powers on, because of decision-making being devolved to officer level.

“As a member of the planning committee you are very constrained in what you can do for your constituency. Before I was elected to the planning committee I assisted in an appeal for a young couple in the area and we won that appeal.

“As a member of the planning committee I would not be allowed to assist in that wayagain.”