Community / Islands of Opportunity look ahead to ‘positive future’

Photo: David Gifford

SHETLAND has been rebranded the Islands of Opportunity by Promote Shetland, the destination marketing service for the local council.

The new brand, including a fresh logo and a different approach to marketing and talking about the isles, has been presented by NB Communication, the local marketing firm that holds the Promote Shetland contract.


The new approach overrides the previous Pride of Place logo and sets out a new vision of the Shetland brand: welcoming and authentic, but also dynamic, inspiring and forward-thinking.

NB director David Nicol said the aim had been to avoid presenting Shetland as remote and parochial, but instead to present the islands as outward-looking, and part of national and global conversations.

Nicol said the rebranding exercise was far more than just a new visual design.

“It’s about thinking ambitiously and looking forward to the positive future that Shetland has ahead. Sharing this story with the world can help attract more people to live, work, study, visit and invest here,” he said.


“Of course, we are fully aware that many businesses and individuals are having a very tough time just now, and for some the future might currently seem uncertain.

“We don’t want to downplay the severity of the current situation but, thinking about Shetland as a whole, we believe that this is actually a very good time to refocus on the exciting times that may lie ahead.”

Chairman of the council’s development committee councillor Alastair Cooper said exciting opportunities lay around the corner.

“Shetland has enjoyed more than forty years of general prosperity, and as a result we have strong foundations to build upon to ensure that our future generations will also have high quality, rewarding jobs,” he said.

“While this year has undoubtedly brought many unexpected challenges, the opportunities that are around the corner for our islands are hugely exciting and should be a source of optimism.

“The new Shetland brand is a key part of the effort to make sure that people think of Shetland and choose Shetland as the place they want to spend their lives.”

To read more, see: www.shetland.org