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Letters / Who owns Shetland?

The destruction of the landscape in the central mainland by the very aptly named Viking Energy is now in full swing.

More and more people are now becoming appalled by the actions of some SIC councillors both past and present who, along with certain SIC officials appear to be complicit in this.

In addition to the SIC involvement I feel that the names of all the other landowners who have seemingly allowed this development to progress should also be in the public domain.

Their names were obtained from one of Viking Energy’s submissions to the Scottish Land Court hearing in 2019.

  • Burrastow – Trustees of the late M G R Foster – H F T Anderton, R H H Anderton, E Peterson & M C H Taylor
  • Vementry – A Q R Cross
  • Kergord Farm & Hayfield  – G B Anderson & A M Anderson
  • Zetland Estate – R L Dundas
  • Flamister – M T Robertson & S E Robertson
  • Seawater (?Saewater) Burn  –  A Johnson
  • Springfield – P White
  • Busta Estate – Shetland Islands Council
  • Grunnafirth – J Sandison
  • Sumburgh Estate – Sumburgh Company Limited – Directors R P B Bell, E Peterson, H R Bell, Edinburgh
  • Symbister Estate – Symbister Estate Limited – Directors M W Mitchell USA,  J J Erlinger, USA, K M Gibb, Australia, E Peterson
  • Upper Kergord and Pettadale – Hunter family, Scatsta Farm.

It is ironic that the ancient rigs at Upper Kergord, which are currently being bulldozed for the convertor station, were part of the last toonship cleared in the Weisdale Valley.

While the lairds in the 1800’s left a few crumbling ruins as their lasting legacy the effects of the financial self interest of the above named lairds/landowners will last for a millennia.

When the wind farm is finally decommissioned I wonder how future generations will regard these handful of people for their part in the industrialisation and destruction of a large area of the central mainland?

Donnie Morrison