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Community / Dog lover’s charity calendar sells out in minutes

Kaylee's dogs saying thank you to those who have ordered the calendar. Photo: Kaylee Garrick

A CALENDAR of photos of well-posed Shetland sheepdogs created for charity is proving popular – with 250 calendars selling in less than 45 minutes.

Kaylee Garrick, from Scalloway, has once again created a calendar of colourful photos of her many dogs, with all proceeds going to the Ambulance Staff Charity and Bravehound, which trains therapy dogs for war veterans.

The ambulance technician said she has been overwhelmed by the popularity of the 2021 calendar so far, with people as far away as the US and Australia placing an order.

A further batch of calendars is set to go online for sale in the near future.

Kaylee Garrick.

They feature eye-catching photos of her crew of canines, who have regularly received coverage on national TV and newspapers.

Garrick initially put 100 calendars online priced at £10, but they sold out in just 35 minutes.

“I thought that was really quick, so I decided to increase the number for the next batch at night,” she said.

“So I put up 150 and they sold in just under eight minutes.

“The point of swapping the times was to make it fair for people depending on where you live in the world – we’re aware the fans are literally all over.”

Garrick added that when the last batch went online over 8,000 people were on her Etsy seller page.

She also gave thanks to Malcolm Younger of Millgaet Media, who designed and created the calendar for free.

The calendars, meanwhile, give hope that 2021 might be a more prosperous year ahead after the tumultuous 2020.

Garrick said each calendar includes an uplifting quote in the hope of bringing a little bit of positivity to all.

“It’s funny to think at the beginning of this year when Covid hit, I genuinely didn’t think we were going to make it and be able to create enough photos to complete a calendar,” she said.

“But we’ve worked really hard to bring most of the ideas to life. It’s a shame that we weren’t able to do a lot of the ideas I had planned, but it’s something for folk to look forward to next year.

“Last year’s calendar had Shetland words for people to learn on each month, but this year, we’ve included an uplifting quote for everyone to think about when they turn the page.

“It’s been a significantly difficult year for everyone, but I like to think we’ve managed to reflect the enduring strength and positivity that people have shown in most of our photos – rainbows feature quite a lot.”

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