Community / Architects nominated for national award for design of new Eric Gray centre

Photos: Richard Gibson Architects

A SHETLAND architecture company has been shortlisted for this year’s Scottish Design Awards.

Richard Gibson Architects is nominated for designing the Eric Gray @ Seafield building in Lerwick.

The facility, which provides a range of day care and support for adults with complex needs, was opened last year.

The project includes a focus on accessibility and stimulation, with internal walking routes spacious to allow people with mobility or behavioural issues to travel with ease.

The recently retired Nick Brett was the project architect.


“The aspiration and need for this new building had been long standing,” Richard Gibson Architects director Adrian Wishart said.

“Amidst the financial crisis some years ago, the project was stalled for a couple of years and even came within a hair’s breadth of being aborted.

“In the light of this tricky road to fruition we are pleased to see the building making a positive contribution to the support being provided by SIC social care.

“We endeavoured to design a building that is gently set in the landscape, and in meeting quite complex client requirements, we set out to provide a place that people using it will benefit from an informal, light and airy building.

“While the Scottish Design Award shortlisting is very welcome and complimentary, we feel that the positive local feedback received is also very significant.”