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Energy / Subsea cable contract awarded to Danish specialists

The company's cable-laying vessel NKT Victoria. Photo: NKT

A DANISH specialist company producing cable for the renewable industry has been awarded the 235 million euros contract (approx. £214 million) for manufacturing and installing the Shetland high voltage transmission link.

NKT A/S has been commissioned to design and construct 2x260km of 320 kV high-voltage DC on and offshore power cables and install these between Kergord, in Shetland, and Caithness on the Scottish mainland.

The turnkey contract was awarded by SSEN Transmission on the same day energy regulator Ofgem approved the 600MW transmission link on the condition that it is satisfied the Viking Energy wind farm project is likely to go ahead.

Ofgem conditionally approves interconnector


The overall cost for the controversial transmission link is estimated to be in the region of £632 million.

The power cables will be manufactured in Karlskrona, Sweden, with expected production start next year, and to be installed by the cable-laying vessel NKT Victoria. The projected commissioning date is 2024.

NKT chief executive Alexander Kara said the company had already completed the Caithness-Moray link for SSEN Transmission.

“This turnkey order confirms NKT’s strong position in the market for high-voltage DC interconnectors,” he said.

“I am very pleased that we are selected as partner for the Shetland HVDC Link, which will provide a sustainable grid connection to Shetland and renewable energy supply from the island.”