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Letters / Orwellian Alice in Wonderland world

So let me get this straight. A man is charged with a crime (test 1). He goes to court where his defence presents irrefutable proof that he is innocent (test 2).

A few months ago the judge would have said “Not guilty you are free to go”. But we now live in an Orwellian Alice in Wonderland world, the so-called  “new normal” (whatever that is), so the judge now says “Not guilty but we still have to lock you up for two weeks because after all, you were a suspect.”

So how did we end up, after only a few months, in this dystopian upside down world fearful of our fellow humans and seemingly lacking in common sense.

First a few facts:

On the 19 March, prior to lockdown, the UK Government updated their guidance on High consequence infectious diseases (HCID) to state that Covid-19 which was listed a HCID in January 2020 was no longer considered to be a HCID. The four nations public health HCID group found that new data changed the features of classification of this virus particularly the information about mortality rates which were shown to be low overall.

So the government knew that this virus could be managed like the epidemics, which happen every few years yet four days later we were in full lockdown, which had never been done before.

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On the 11 May Professor Chris Whitty, the chief medical advisor to the UK

Government said the following during the daily briefing with Prime Minister Boris Johnson and chief scientific officer Sir Patrick Vallance: “The great majority of people will not die from this and I’ll just repeat something I said right at the beginning because I think it’s worth reinforcing: most people, a significant proportion of people, will not get this virus at all, at any point of the epidemic which is going to go on for a long period of time.

“Of those who do, some of them will get the virus without even knowing it, they will have the virus with no symptoms at all, asymptomatic carriage, and we know that happens.

“Of those who get symptoms, the great majority, probably 80%, will have a mild or moderate disease. Might be bad enough for them to have to go to bed for a few days, not bad enough for them to have to go to the doctor.

“An unfortunate minority will have to go as far as hospital, but the majority of those will just need oxygen and will then leave hospital. And then a minority of those will end up having to go to severe end critical care and some of those sadly will die. But that’s a minority, it’s one per cent or possibly even less than one per cent overall.

“And even in the highest risk group this is significantly less than 20 per cent, ie. the great majority of people, even the very highest groups, if they catch this virus, will not die.”

So there we have it again. Straight from the government. Covid-19 is not a highly lethal virus.

And no-one seemed to notice.

To watch go to:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3&v=adj8MCsZKlg&feature

Over 95 per cent of Covid-19 deaths recorded in England and Wales had potentially serious comorbidities, according to statistics released by NHS England. Unfortunately I do not have the data for Scotland but as their procedures mirror very closely those of England and Wales it is reasonable to assume that they will follow the same pattern.

This is the latest data up to the 2  June. 25,727 deaths are listed as with Covid-19. This group had over 42,000 additional comorbidities, an average of almost two per person.

As it is now policy to list Covid-19 as a possible cause of death along with other conditions on a MCCD (medical certificate of cause of death) even if the presence of Covid-19 is only suspected and not confirmed by testing.

Any of the comorbidities listed on a MCCD could have been fatal but if Covid-19 is mentioned then this is recorded as the cause of death. Therefore it is not possible to determine the true accuracy of this figure.

Of these 13,903 were aged over 80, 9,778 were 60-79, 1,873 were 40-59, 158 were 20-39 and only 15 were aged up to 19.

1,318 deaths are listed as from Covid-19. This group had no other known medical conditions so this figure can be considered as accurate. Of these 477 were aged over 80, 551 were 60-79, 255 were 40-59, 32 were 20-39 and only three were aged up to 19

So there we have it.

Over 92 per cent of those who have died as a result of this pandemic are over 60 years of age and over 87 per cent of this same group had one or more serious conditions. This is the group which should have been protected.

All those who died in the 20 to 60 group had three times more chance of being killed or seriously injured in a car accident during the same period in 2019.

For children up to the age of 19 the total number of deaths is 18 and for this nurseries, schools, colleges and universities have been closed leaving their education compromised and many children psychologically scarred.

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So where was the mainstream media. Did any of them write or produce headline stories about the information shown above. I never saw, heard or read any. I doubt very much if they did because this information goes against the narrative of constant fear mongering, propaganda and fake news that they have been preaching since the early days of this outbreak in China.

Switch off the TV and stop reading newspapers and your life will change for the better.

As for the governments. Their decisions, policies and rules have been catastrophic. Moving 25,000 patients out of hospitals into care homes during the height of the pandemic without any testing to see if they are infected, resulting in over 50 per cent of Covid-19 deaths in care homes, is an act of monumental incompetence.

Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows that you protect and help the sick and vulnerable and let the healthy get on with their lives. But no, they locked up the healthy and impose ridiculous rules which have set in motion the destruction of the UK economy and which will destroy people’s livelihoods and ultimately result in more illness and death than was caused by the virus.

Stand two metres apart. Where did that come from? Where are the scientific studies recommending that distance? Boris always tells us that he is guided by the science. Nowhere. They don’t exist.

So why are we taking a wide swerve into busy roads as someone comes towards us on the pavement or standing obediently two metres apart in supermarket queues etc,etc,etc. Turns out it never was a rule. It was a recommendation only by Public Health England as a precaution and they stated “this is not a rule and the science is complex. The key thing is to not be too close to people for more than a short amount of time, as much as you can.”

Yet this loose guidance – just a ‘precaution’ – has hardened into the backbone of the government’s social distancing policy. Why?

Most countries have followed the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendation of one metre which if you think about it is the distance most people instinctively adopt when interacting with people outside their immediate family.

And then there are face masks. In the early days of the pandemic the consensus from the ‘experts’ was that face masks were unlikely to protect you and the recommendation was not to wear them. Now they tell us that we must wear them to use public transport and various other facilities. Has the science changed? No. So what changed?

During the height of the pandemic over 100,000 people were still flying into the UK each week, including from highly infected areas like China, Italy and the USA, without any testing or quarantine period on arrival.

Now that the outbreak is on its last legs, not just here but around the world, the UK government has imposed a mandatory two week quarantine period on all arrivals including people returning from a trip abroad. Why?

The virus may still be out there but is dying off as quickly as it came, following the same trajectory as a seasonal flu, the worst of which have a similar fatality rate as Covid-19.

So why are governments and the mainstream media still ramping up the fear?

Finally I want to apologise to any readers who may have lost a loved one because of this virus and are upset by the harsh presentation of the numbers of fatalities.

Unfortunately there is no other way to present these facts and it is important that they are seen and understood so that during the next pandemic the mistakes made during this one are not repeated.

Ian Thomson
Gladstone Terrace