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Community / Brother and sister raise hundreds for foodbank by spending 12 hours in cardboard box

A BROTHER and sister have raised more than £500 for the Shetland Foodbank – by spending 12 hours in a cardboard box.

Local pair Isla and Sonny Hughes, aged nine and six respectively, completed the challenge after hiding away in a large fridge freezer box between 10am and 10pm.

Mum Chloe Hughes said the fundraising, to help out the foodbank during the coronavirus pandemic, went “much better than we could have hoped”.

She said there were a few challenges for the children, including finding space to eat and drink in the box, and the temperature inside.

To keep them entertained, the box was open at each end and on one side was a TV, and the other end had a snack box and games.

They also had handheld Nintendo Switch games consoles and watched a film or two, and were allowed out for quick toilet breaks.

“Their biggest issue was how hot it gets in a cardboard box – we had to open windows to keep a cool draught on them,” Chloe said.

“There was an accidental correlation between the coronavirus lockdown and being ‘quarantined’ in a box – I think us adults all feel a bit locked in a big box at the moment.

“We have raised £500 so far but more is still to roll in. So it all went much better than we could have hoped.”