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Letters / Sterling job

For Mr Sandison to accuse SN of propagating a ‘media circus’ by heightening people’s fears in an effort to simply ask their readers how they’re coping is disingenuous and illustrates a complete lack of understanding and compassion.

Unhelpful request by Shetland News

We are witnessing and are intrinsically part of an unprecedented crisis the world has not seen in the past one hundred years. People need to be fearful when many, including my partner who has COPD, if they contracted COVID-19 WILL die.

If those selfish, ignorant and irresponsible people who are denying we’re not in a crisis, think wrongly the disease is no worse than flu and are not adhering to the advice of the authorities and won’t self-isolate and are still congregating in pubs and cafes, are clearing supermarket shelves are the ones who are the clowns in the circus – not SN who are doing a sterling job by keeping our community informed as the crisis continues to unfold.

Kerrie Meyer