Letters / High level of skill

In response to your recent article relating to gritting in the North Mainland (Roads team praised after gritter film sliding in icy conditions; SN, 19 November 2019) I would like to say that there have been several occasions recently that grit/salt has not been applied to the roads when you would expect it to be.


In addition, I have followed gritters that have not been spreading anything on the road. Yes, it is frustrating but the SIC sets the rules.

That said I have to compliment the work of the gritting crew that were operating in the Northmavine area on Monday morning.

A section of the A970 was completely closed to traffic. The area was coated in ice and did not have a surface dressing applied following repairs; it was ice on smooth tarmac in an area with a lot of inclines.

Vehicles were stranded either side of the area, unable to proceed. The gritter arrived with chains on the front wheels and the conditions were so poor that the only way that the gritter could proceed was to go in reverse and apply grit/salt so as to provide some grip on the road for itself.

This was a difficult operation in very dangerous conditions needing a high level of skill.

I can only thank the team for opening up the road to traffic. Well done and I for one very much appreciate what they do for us. Thank you.

Alan Macdonald
North Roe