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Nature / Close encounter of the orca kind

A LOCAL thrillseeker says kayaking just metres away from a pod of orcas was an “unbelievable experience which I will probably never forget”.

Balazs Onhausz, who is also known for taking ‘selfies’ with killer whales, got up close and personal with a group of orcas near St Ninan’s Isle on Tuesday evening.

His partner Melissa Mayo, who took photos, said “none of the animals were harassed – instead all seven of them came to him of their own accord”.

Balazs said the orcas were “absolutely peaceful and curious” – although he admits he did initially feel “panicky” when he first came across the whales.

He said at one point a bull orca was about 10 metres away from him and his kayak.

Balazs said he grabbed his kayak and went to St Ninian’s Isle following news that the orcas were on their way.

Video footage, meanwhile, was captured of an orca throwing a seal into the air at Sella Ness on Thursday.