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Court / Fines and penalty points for driving offences

Lerwick Sheriff CourtLerwick Sheriff Court.

DRIVING a car which was in generally dangerous condition with bald tyres cost a man £200 and three penalty points at Lerwick Sheriff Court on Wednesday.

The court heard that Jordan Rosie, of the town’s Lower Hillhead, had dropped the suspension on his car to the extent that two front wheels and one of the rear ones were contacting the bodywork.

Police had stopped Rosie in 1 April on the North Road after seeing the state of the car. The 19-year-old pleaded guilty to three charges relating to driving with bald tyres and driving a vehicle in a dangerous condition.

A MAN from Mossbank has been fined £200 for driving at 42mph in a 30mph speed limit zone in Brae on 12 April.

Ronald Angus Jones, 69, of Rayburn Road, pleaded guilty to breaking the speed limit and driving with less than the permitted amount of tread on a tyre at Moorfield, Brae.

He was also given three penalty points for the speed offence and was admonished and had his licence endorsed for the bald tyre.

DRIVING a car with no insurance cost a man £355 and six penalty points at Lerwick Sheriff Court.

Ian Ogilvie, 22, of Cuppister, Yell, admitted the offence that took place on the road between Aith and Bixter on 12 January.