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Class A drugs seized

POLICE say they have intercepted class A drugs worth £12,000 destined for sale in Shetland in the last week.

A 46-year-old woman was arrested on Wednesday morning when disembarking the ferry from Aberdeen after being found in possession of class A drugs worth £6,000.

The woman remains in police custody, with a report due to be submitted to the procurator fiscal in Lerwick.

The seizures in the last week came with assistance from the Dogs Against Drugs team.

Chief Inspector Lindsay Tulloch said: “We will continue to make every effort to ensure Shetland is a risky and unsafe community for dealers to profit from the sale of illegal drugs.

“We need the community to help us and I would urge the public to phone in and report any information they have on people they suspect to be involved in selling and abusing controlled drugs.”