NHS Shetland - Survey - March 2021
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Council / Sorting shed progress

The work which has already been undertaken at the Gremista Waste Management Facility. Photo: SICA photo taken in August 2018 of the proposed sorting shed site at the Gremista Waste Management Facility. Photo: SIC

A FACILITY for sorting the waste taken in through Shetland Islands Council’s kerbside recycling scheme finally appears to be on the way as the local authority looks to buy machinery for the shed.

The council has put out to tender the supply of a small scale materials recovery facility which will separate items taken in through grey wheelie bins.

The value of the contract is £160,000 excluding VAT.

Items recycling in grey bins include plastic bottles and tin cans.

At the moment these items are baled mixed before being sent south, with a mainland company breaking down the bales and sorting the materials itself.

The council is also looking for someone to supply a semi-automatic horizontal baler, which would collate materials prior to shipping south, and that contract is valued at £110,000 excluding VAT.

The sorting shed at Gremista in Lerwick has been mooted since 2017, but delays mean it is not expected to open until the summer.