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Letters / Invest Smyril funds in new MRI scanner

It is the practise in British politics that any difficult or potentially embarrassing questions or requests get ignored in the hope that interest will be lost and it will go away.

This tactic unfortunately does seem to work regardless of the level of concern, and politicians are glad that it does.

It certainly seems to work for our politicians, i.e. Shetland Islands’ councillors regarding the request to fund the much needed MRI scanner from the reserve fund.

I did previously suggest that they should take back all of that money that was given to Smyril Line and use some of that to fund the scanner, so, again I ask, how far on are our councillors in this respect? (Return Norröna investment for MRI money; SN, 21/09/2018)

Why should the Shetland folk subsidise the Faroese when we have needs of our own?

I know that this will cut little ice with our councillors, but please remember that in about two years or so these same people will be chapping on your doors begging for your vote.

Maybe we can all teach them a lesson then.

Geoff McCarron