Council / Nothing planned for old Eric Gray building yet

Demand for the Eric Gray centre is forecast to increase considerably in the next 25 years.

SHETLAND Islands Council says it has no immediate plans for the ‘old’ Eric Gray Resource Centre building as its replacement gets set to open.

The local authority has spent around £6 million on building the new Eric Gray@Seafield centre to provide specialist day-support for adults with learning disability, autistic spectrum disorder and complex needs.

It will have a soft launch next week for service users and staff before a formal opening is held in the spring.

The future of the old centre located just a stone’s throw away on Lerwick’s Kantersted Road remains unclear, however.

A spokesperson for the council said on Monday that there were “no immediate plans” for the old building, which opened in 1978 and was showing signs of ageing.

Councillors decided in 2014 that the facility should be replaced as demand for services continued to increase.