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Letters / Thank you Alistair… and Tom

I have been having trouble deciding how to vote in this election. Being of a Green disposition and there being no Green candidates up here I have been looking for the next best thing.

I had been toying with the idea of Alistair Carmichael, because I have been impressed with the Liberal Democrat position on the environment and he has been a good local MP for the past 14 years working hard for the northern isles.

But hearing him on national radio banging on about a vote for the SNP being a vote for a second referendum has put me clean off.

Nicola Sturgeon has repeatedly stated this will only happen in the event of the UK voting to leave the EU, yet the LibDems and Alistair continue to scaremonger, insisting she is lying.

I hate this kind of attempt to brainwash people into believing something patently untrue. So sorry Alistair, you have lost my vote.

I’ve not been sure about the SNP or Labour, as both seem to be proposing a reasonable approach to ending austerity, which leading economists have explained does more harm than good.

But Tom Morton’s letter to your website (Clan chief Skene; SN, 04/05/15) finally made up my mind.

His snide and puerile personal attack against Danus Skene being a toff, which I understand is being spread as widely as possible by the local Labour candidate, has put me clean off voting Labour.

If I vote at all on Thursday I will vote SNP. Thanks Alistair and Tom for helping me make up my mind.

George Arthur