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Letters / Genealogical accident

Tom Morton is interested in my childhood background (Clan chief Skene; SN, 04/05/15). I write only to correct him on two points.

First, I do not happen to “come from” Dundee. I was born there. I “come from” Strathmiglo in Fife — by sheer chance the same village as is Willie Rennie’s home.

Second, there is nothing secret about my life history. I declined to indulge in talking about it at the Althing hustings by way of kicking off discussion. I had been put off by my Labour competitor when he decided to do just that – talk about himself.

The reference that Tom gives for me, which I had not seen before, has most of the facts right, giving an outline of my education and employment. (Small point, I have never lived in Edinburgh).

Nobody merits any recognition because of genealogical accident. Even Mr Morton.

Danus Skene
SNP candidate for Orkney & Shetland