Letters / Spoilt Views Club

Carole Radford (Rue the day; SN 17/5/12) says that “nobody listens to what people want” whilst in the same letter discussing Aberdeen’s Union Square Gardens as an example. But a vote was held on Union Square Gardens and it went in favour of.

I have to again agree with Craig Johnson (Like a veggie eating meat; SN 18/5/12). There is no talk about the gas plant in north mainland from Sustainable Shetland, they give up caring past the Vidlin junction.

Then again, the centralisation of Shetland has been happening for years, but that’s a different topic.

If these windmills were proposed to be put in Northmavine, you wouldn’t have heard a toot from the “Spoilt Views Club” AKA Sustainable Shetland.

Lee Goodlad
(formerly North Roe)